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Kinvara fights back – 1849

The Square, Kinvara c. 1950 Cresswell Archives
The Square, Kinvara
c. 1950
Cresswell Archives
The Moreton Bay Courier 3rd March 1849 p4 (abridged)
An encounter took place on Monday between a detachent of the 4th Light Dragoons, forty in number, and a body of people from Kinvarra.

The soldiers, assisted by fifty-six policemen, were out collecting poor-rates, or rather seizing corn in default of payment. They went on until they came to the district they were to distrain on, when a barricade, partly formed, met their view, protected by about 300 men and women. They refused to let the armed force pass and said they would rather sacrifice their lives. The Riot Act was read three times, and still they would not give way.

The police and soldiers were ordered to charge with bayonets. Stones were thrown and some of the men severely hurt. The police drove the people a quarter of a mile into the fields, but they were quickly back again to the scene of the action. Mr Davys, the magistrate, did not wish to shed blood by ordering the military to fire, and, it being late in the day, he directed them to turn round and proceed home.

Much praise is due to this forbearance of the authorities, as there is no doubt but much blood would have been shed. Of course there will be a greater force brought down there in some few days.



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