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Stemming the tide – 1901

Vellum From the private collection of Randy Benzie Wikimedia Commons
From the private collection of Randy Benzie
Wikimedia Commons
Freeman’s Journal 23rd November, 1901 p 6 (abridged)
The ‘Anglo Celt’, viewing with alarm the appearance of desolation which the country is beginning to present, announces that to the person who succeeds in keeping the greatest number of would be emigrants from emigrating between September 28 and May 28 next will be presented with a gold medal for patriotism, together with a vellum certificate.

Twenty silver medals will also be given to the 20 who came next, they also securing vellum certificates. A certificate will also be presented to every man, woman, boy or girl who can prove that through their efforts one person was kept in the country.

That there is urgent need of something being done to stop the flow of citizens America-wards will be seen when it is stated that within the last ten years 250,000 have gone and whereas in 1840 Ireland had a population of 8,000,000 she has now only 4,400,000.



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