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Curranroo and beyond – 1867

Photo: Bart Braun Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Bart Braun
Wikimedia Commons
A Walking Tour Round Ireland in 1865 by an Englishman
London: Richard Bentley, New Burlington Street. 1867 p181/2
I left Kinvarra at half-past nine o’clock this morning. I pass to the right on leaving the town a round tower, and on the left you have the hills of Clare. Then to the right there is the Kinvarra National School, a neat looking building, erected in 1840. Shortly afterwards I meet an industrious boy who has been making good use of his time by catching a fine lobster. Though he knows a house further on where they generally buy the lobsters, on the principle of the bird in the hand being worth two in the bush, he offers it to me. I excuse myself from the purchase on the ground of travelling. I tell my young friend of the story of the lobster which seized a man’s hand and held it so fast he was drowned by the rising tide. The boy says he is aware of this propensity on the part of the lobster and takes due care.
I then pass through the village of Corranroo, where you have fairly passed out of the county of Galway into Clare. Then on to the foot of some hills from whence a fine view is obtained of the arm of the sea and surrounding country. There are three roads here; one to the left leading to the south, one to the right being a road longer by two miles, leading to Ballyvaghan, and a road in the centre over the hill being the shorter one to the same place.
Further up the hill you have a still better view of the bay, and an immense expanse of table-land with a round tower on an island to the left, and the town of Galway in the distance on the other side of the bay.



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