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Carrying the Kelp – excerpt – 1912

Bog Cotton Photo: James K. Lindsey Wikimedia Commons
Bog Cotton
Photo: James K. Lindsey
Wikimedia Commons
THE QUEENSLANDER 25th of June, 1912
Excerpt from The Carrying of the Kelp by Helen Porter (in “Chambers Jou

The district known as the Burren is one of the bleakest spots in Ireland. The whole country seems petrified, as if a devastating blast from the Atlantic had turned it into stone. Then, nature appears to have repented her roughness and the cold monotony of her hand-work; for, after laying a groundwork of rocks, she covered it with a carpet of exquisite and delicate loveliness. Feathery fern, autumn-tinted bramble, golden moss, geranium, harebells, and blue scabious run riot over all, and in the damp patches between the grey stones, silvery bog cotton waves in the breeze…



B.A., M.A.(Archaeology); Regional Tour Guide; Dip. Radio Media Tech; H.Dip. Computer Science.

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