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Burren memories – 1890

Photo: Matthew O'Brien
Photo: Matthew O’Brien

Excerpt from Mr Patrick MacMahon Glynn M.P (President Irish National Federation) address;
…”Some of you may have, like myself, been born in the West. There by a road which winds along the side of the Burren Mountains is a spring of clear cold water such as the water which fills our day dreams but not our throats, when the mercury is dancing a South Australian hornpipe between 100 degrees and 110 degrees in the shade. It is called Patrick’s Well. Why, I am not sure. I may have been baptised there and don’t remember. Some say that my great namesake once or twice opened his flask by that spring. If he did it is proof that he had a taste for more than spring water, for the sight commands a splendid view of Galway Bay. It was there that I first felt the romance of the sea, as I watched with the wondering eyes of childhood the turf boats glide down between Aughinish and the mainland on the swift ebb of the tide. This is one of the characteristic reaches of a western bay. Outside on the shimmer of the horizon are the wild islands of Arran against whose bold cliffs beat for ever the breaking swell of the Atlantic. It is there that you can feel the glory of Shakespeare’s rebuke of the surges that “Wash both heaven and hell.”