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Traffic – 1823

Troublesome turf Wikimedia Commons
Troublesome turf
Wikimedia Commons
Connaught Journal 
Thursday, May 1, 1823

The turf cars, which are suffered to remain at the different corners, and 
particularly near William-street, Galway town, are really a very great nuisance. They
 block up the main streets, so as to render them quite impassible, especially on a market day, and the entrance to the mart-houses and shops of people of business are completely shut up.

As this is an age of improvement, would it not be well to select some place for the sale of turf? For instance, during the last summer, a handsome sum of money was granted by the Local Committee, to make a sort of market at the Bowling-green. We are not sure whether it was perfectly finished or not; but we are certain that it will not require any great finishing to render it a very proper market-place for turf. It is very much wanted; and if this suggestion shall be taken, the lives of the people will not be endangered by the furious driving of the carmen every other day.

People in business complain very much of this nuisance- and
indeed, very justly.