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Killeeneen – 1900

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0033, Page 0362
National Folklore Collection, UCD.
There was a meeting held in Killeeneen commemorating Raftery’s death about 1900. It was held in a field named “Caol Beag ” near the Killeeneen dance hall. There were two meetings before that near Killeeneen graveyard but they were not as important as the last one. Some of the attendants were Dr. Doughlas Hyde, the President now. Lady Gregory of Coole Castle within a half a mile of Gort. W.B. Yeats the famous writer. Mr Martyn (?) of Tylera. Mrs Costello of Tuam. All Loughrea’s nobility. Terry Furey who held the candles at Raftery’s burial. Eamon Kent who was exececuted in 1916 played the bagpipes. The Late Dr. P Cawley and Mr H. Walsh. The Chairman was Fr. McDonough P.P. Clarinbridge. They had Irish speeches, dance, songs and Irish story telling. It was a very enjoyable day and lots of people were sorry they had not more meetings.

Told by John O’Loughnan, aged 71 to Mary Kate Kelly, Caherdine, Craughwell



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