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Galway Election Petition – 1872

Eye to eye
Eye to eye c. EO’D

Nenagh Guardian 24th April, 1872 p.4
At the hearing of the Galway election petition on Saturday, evidence was given as to altar addresses by the Rev.Mr. Forde in Kinvara Chapel. He said those who voted for Trench would be regarded as soupers and renegades. Mr Constantine Sloper, and Mr Tully, Solicitor, deposed to a conversation in a confectionary establishment on Thursday last, in which Father Loftus, in presence of several persons, said that it there was another election the priest would hunt the landlords and their followers before them like chaff.
Evidence then was given as to treating.

One publican in Galway deposed to giving drink and entertainment to voters on the day of the nomination, and again on the polling day, by order of two persons interested for Captain Nolan. On the last occasion he gave dinner to 137 electors, and gave drink to others. In the course of the day Judge Keogh stated that, subjet to what might be said on the other side, he held it proved that Father Loftus was an agent of Captain Nolan’s. Evidence as to looking at people going to chapels and the destruction of pews, was given. The petitioner’s case has closed.



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