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Snippets – 1920/21

Petrie Photo: EO’D

Freemans Journal 19th July, 1920 p5
Kinvara police barrack, which was evacuated last week, was demolished shortly afterwards. The courthouse was also demolished and the records burned. The empty barrack at Moy has been burned.

Connacht Tribune 18th September, P8
Compensation claims;
20,000 for the burning of Tyrone House, Kilcolgan
5,000 for the wounding of Head constable Elliott at Ardrahan
2,000 for damage to Kinvara barracks etc

Connacht Tribune February files 1921 – awards printed in the Connacht Sentinal 24th February, 1953, page 2
Mrs Fanny Sharp, 76 Prince of Wales Mansions, Battersea Park, London and Edward J. Moore, Dunstive, Co. Kildare, claimed 2,000 for the burning of Kinvara Court house in August of 1920; award 790.
Elizabeth Nally and Ellen Hynes Kinvara were awarded 925 for the burning of Kinvara police barracks in July, 1920. John Bermingham, Kinvara was awarded 60 for the destruction of a side car and harness. John Killeen Dungora, Kinvara, was awarded 275 for bodily injuries received in April.



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