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A startling development – 1932

Advocate, Melbourne 8 December 1932, page 6

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

A startling development of the Drumm battery is expected—it is to be put on ‘buses and lorries! This is the latest report. Early in the new year, the first Drumm battery driven vehicles are expected on the Dublin street’s. An expert mad.e the following statement:— “They will change the present transport system in the city in such a short time that everyone will be astonished. It is true that the Dramm-driven motor vehicles cannot go more than thirty miles an hour, but that will be quite enough. I know that there will he no difficulty about charging the batteries. .That was the big trouble in the past, but Dr. – Drumm has changed all that.

“I estimate that the cost of equipping the first Drumm motor vehicles, will be fairly high—nearly £200. But it will be a bargain at that. “There will be no intricate parts, and the saving in that direction alone will be enormous. There will be no oil consumption. One charge of the batteries will drive them about seventy miles. ‘ You might say that once the batteries are installed, the only cost to the owners of the vehicles will be that of tyres and of charging the batteries. The charging will be cheap and easy, and tyre costs will not be so high as at present because the petrol driven vehicles are pushed; the Drumm vehicles will be pulled, and there wilt be less strain. Incidentally there will be less wear and tear upon the roads.” If these promises are fulfilled, Dr. Drumm’s invention will perform the evolution in transport which I made bold to predict two years ago.



B.A., M.A.(Archaeology); Regional Tour Guide; Dip. Radio Media Tech; H.Dip. Computer Science.

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