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An average harvest – 1835

The Sydney Gazette 7th May, 1835 p.4 (abridged)

Burren walls Photo: EO'D
Burren walls
Photo: EO’D

The harvest promises to be an average one, and all the misgivings that were felt during the course of the summer, as to the prospects of the potato crop, have, we are much gratified in stating, altogether given way. That crop will, perhaps, be more abundant this year than it has for several seasons previously. Public works are progressing in many places. The Shannon navigation, under the superintendence of that active, talented, and highly intelligent gentleman, Mr. Charles Williams, is advancing rapidly to a completion, thus opening the heart of the finest corn country in the world to the markets of England, and introducing the blessings of industry and civilization to what has been considered hitherto among the wildest districts of Ireland. In the west of Ireland, particularly in the counties of Mayo and Galway, an equal activity is shown in laying down roads through the mountainous districts, in building bridges and erecting piers. There can be no just complaint against government for want of aid.



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