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Oranmore – 1830

The Hobart Town Courier 18th September 1830 p.3 (abridged)

Ardfry House, Oranmore Blake residence. Photo:
Ardfry House, Oranmore
Blake residence.

Two Hundred Pounds Reward
Thomas Smith, a child aged ten years, was sent to the school of the Rev. Humphry Price, near Lichfield in May 1811. In September 1812 he was conveyed from thence, and, it is believed sent on board an Indian vessel. Letters sent home state that he had died of water on the brain; but his sister accidentally met with a letter that has convinced her an interested person is going between her and her brother.
Thomas Smith was under the guardianship of a gentleman of rank and fortune in Ireland, whose brother in law at present possesses the property of the said Thomas Smith, and who became entitled to it by his reported death.
Description of Thomas Smith on quitting this kingdom is as follows; Fair hair, fair complexion, freckled, light eyes, a small round mark on one write, a small cut over one eye.
Letters addressed to his sister J.B. or to T.B. Esq., Oranmore, County of Galway, Ireland will be carefully attended to.



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