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Galway – County Clare – 1892

The Cork Examiner, 1st March 1892

Photo: Norma Scheibe
Photo: Norma Scheibe

Strange Robbery of Arms
(Central News Telegram) Galway, Monday.
On Saturday evening the Naval Reserve Armoury, just outside this town, was broken into and its contents, consisting of twenty-three Martini-Henri rifles and seventeen cutlasses, were stolen. For many years these arms were stored in the police barracks, but recently they were removed to the armoury. No guard was kept at this place, and the door was fastened by an ordinary padlock, which could be picked with little difficulty. The police have been scouring the countryside since the robbery was discovered, but the thieves have not yet been traced. One of the cutlasses, however, and a ramrod, have been found on a road leading to the shore of the bay. It is conjectured that the robbers crossed in a boat from the County Clare, and made their escape with their booty the same way. Today her Majesty’s cutter Fly conveyed a party of police across the bay to County Clare to join in the search.



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