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Newtownlynch, Duras – 1910

Connacht Tribune 7th May, 1910 p.5  (abridged)

Photo: Pikaluk Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Pikaluk
Wikimedia Commons

On Monday morning last at about 8 o’clock, Newtownlynch farm at Duras was the scene of a large cattle drive. Men, women and children, all tenants on the estate of Major Lynch, assembled to the number of over one hundred, and went to the farm, which was guarded by police. When the police saw the people coming towards the farm they advanced and called on the crowd not to enter the lands, but they were met with defiant shouts of “No surrender!” While the police were engaged with the people on the road, a number of men managed to get on the lands, and drove a large number of horses, cattle and sheep off the farm. The police in another portion of the farm who were guarding the stock during the night, apparently were asleep, and were only awakened by the noise of the cattle. The farm was cleared with the exception of three horses.

The police called on them to stop and drew their revolvers. The men replied with shouts of “Faugh-a-ballagh,” and “We will drive them to h___.” Some of the police then started for Kinvara for reinforcements. The “drive” continued in the direction of Kinvara en route for Clarenbridge, where the owner of the stock resides. Large numbers joined the “drive” on the road. Sergeant Mulligan, in charge of a cordon of police, attempted to stop the stock within one and a half miles of Kinvara, but failed.



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