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Galway – 1903

Irish Examiner September, 26th, 1903

Galway Harbour Photo: Patrick-Emil Zorner Wikimedia Commons
Galway Harbour
Photo: Patrick-Emil Zorner
Wikimedia Commons

The rumour regarding Galway Bay to be selected by the Admiralty as a naval base has created much interest locally, but the official confirmation is still wanting. The rumour, however, is not taken for over much here, as it is believed its origin has sprung from a discussion which took place at Galway Urban Council meeting last week. It is stated that the Admiralty were anxious to acquire the foreshore called Fairhill, which is at present used as a fair green for the training of the Naval Reserve, it being eminently suitable. The Council, although ready to meet the admiralty, would not give their sanction, in the absence of any official reference to the matter. Galway Bay is well suited for either a naval base or a transatlantic station, there being not less than six fathoms of water in any part of the bay, and the depth in the fair way is greater, so that vessels of the heaviest tonnage might ride safely afloat. Years ago Galway Bay was a steam packet station for America.



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