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Muintir na Tíre – Kinvara – 1957

Connacht Tribune 10th November, 1967 p.10

St. Colman's Church, Kinvara. Cresswell archives
St. Colman’s Church, Kinvara.
Cresswell archives

At the A.G.M. of Kinvara Guild Muintir na Tíre last week in Ryan’s Hall, Kinvara, the Secretary, Mr. Toddie Byrne, stated that the financial success of the carnival run by the guild had now brought the Parish Development Fund to £1,267/10/6. The local guild had fulfilled its role in promoting the social and cultural life of the parish and all members showed interest in the activities. The highlight of the year was the unveiling of the plaque to the poet Francis A. Fahy.  On a Saturday in July the less fortunate members of society members of the Wheelchair Association were entertained and catered for in a spirit that reflected the proper Christian outlook.
During the year the newly formed Youth Club were represented in the guild and showed that these young people are anxious for social outlet. The success of local G.A.A. team has been the cause of pride and admiration in the guild.
Two lectures were given during the year, one by Sergeant J. McLoughlin on “Road Safety” and the other by Mr. McKiernan on “Piped Water”. Mr. T. Donlon, outgoing Chairman, said that there was great social involvement on the part of the parishioners through the one medium where personal and political affiliations blended i.e. Muintir na Tíre.

It was decided that a carnival would be held under the auspices of the guild next year; £250 will be allocated to the G.A.A. and the balance of the profits will be allocated to the Parish Development Fund, whence top priority will be given to the development of the entrance to St. Colman’s church.



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