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The Long Black Hand – Richard Cronnolly, Ballinderreen – 1864

Connacht Tribune – 25th February, 1972

Photo: EO'D
Photo: EO’D

Richard Cronnolly was born in Ballinderreen Co Galway in 1828. He joined the Dublin Metropolitan Police and spent his spare time in the Record Office where he studied old documents. Without any assistance, financial or otherwise, he found a publisher willing to give the result of his researches to the world. He was working against time, and died in the moment of success at the age of thirty five.

He left behind him a work that is remarkable. The Long Black Hand, a recitative poem, which tells of the slaying of malicious spirit who made life miserable for the people of Ballinderreen a few hundred years ago.
The Long Black hand may be read on Fadó Fadó at



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2 thoughts on “The Long Black Hand – Richard Cronnolly, Ballinderreen – 1864

  1. I have searched every where for the poem Of the slaying of the long black hand by young o’heidhin .I can recall who wrote it? I would love to get the words as my grandfather used to recite.
    if you know please contact me…thank you very much


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