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Galway to Kinvara – 1923

Connacht Tribune 29th December, 1923 p.5 (abridged)

Across the Bay Photo: EO'D
Across the Bay
Photo: EO’D

The Council of the Galway Chamber of Commerce had an interesting discussion at its meeting on Friday evening last on the question of linking up the towns around Galway Bay more closely with the city, and developing traffic on the Corrib. Prof. A. Eraut, M.A. occupied the chair; and the discussion was mitigated by Mr J.O’Kelly-Lynch, who said that Mr Winkle, Mr Feeney and other merchants in Kinvara had pointed out to him that much of the trade of that town was done with Ennis and Limerick, and that it could be diverted to Galway provided regular communication were established across the Bay. The pier at Kinvara was available even for a boat like the Dun Aengus. The gentlemen mentioned had sent him a telegram that day saying that they would offer their utmost support to any proposal to establish closer communication by sea.
Mr. M.J.Crowley, H.C., thought it would be well to discuss the whole matter with Captain Meskill of the Dun Aengus, who was an expert on these matters. The Galway Bay Co.’s boat had only nine feet of a draft, but he believed that at times she had to be in the mud at Kinvara.
Mr. Sp. P. Corbett said that Commander Hanan had a small boat at the docks, and he had made an effort to establish a commercial trade with Kinvara, but it had not been a success.
Mr C.C. Copeland, of the City of Galway Shipping Co., said he thought that Commander Hanan had some trouble with his engines at Kinvara, and the wages he was compelled to pay for repairs over there took away anything he could earn on the venture.
It was resolved that the secretary should communicate with the traders of Kinvara as to what traffic they could guarantee and consult Captain Meskill and the owner of the boat on the Corrib.



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