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Mr Cullinane – Ennis – 1906

Star Issue 8616 7th May 1906 p2(abridged)

Ennis Station Photo: Francoise Poncelet Wikimedia Commons

Ennis Station
Photo: Francoise Poncelet
Wikimedia Commons

The brave deed for which Mr Patrick Cullinane, railway traffic inspector, Ennis, County Clare, has received the Albert Medal from Lord Aberdeen at Dublin Castle, in the name of the King, occurred on November 6 last. An elderly woman fell over the platform in front of an approaching train. Mr Cullinane jumped down on the rails to her assistance. It was impossible to pull her aside, and the only way was to drag her directly forward until the train had time to slow up. For some yards the woman was dragged along by the powerful inspector in front of the train. At one point in this race with death the woman’s clothing was touching the engine.
When safe, they were found to be completely exhausted.

In presenting the medal, the Viceroy said that deeds such as that were part of the national assets, and in honouring the individual they were also honouring the qualities he displayed.

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