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Government Expenses – 1909

New Zealand Tablet 25th November 1909 p1 867


Says a writer in the Irish Weekly of October 2;
If the British Treasury is willing to devote only £1,470,000 to Irish Education, as against an Imperial contribution of £1,941,000 to the native developed Scottish system, the precious institution at Whitehall is delightfully generous to this country in other respects.

It maintains at our expense over 100,000 officials who absorb more than £3,000,000 every year in pay, pensions and gratuities. Nearly half the whole cost of Irish Government and administration goes directly into the pockets of the 100,000 odd officials – mostly useless and too often actively mischievous as agents of misgovernment, mismanagement and wrong.

The whole civil government of Scotland was only £5,500,000 per annum a few years ago. In Ireland, with a smaller population the bill was well over £7,500,000. The RIC in Ireland cost three times more than the Scottish Police Force. The Irish Judiciary cost nearly £250,000 more than their ermined brethren in Scotland. So we have in the first place a foreign educational system starved in Ireland; The Scotch fashioned their own system and it is splendidly endowed.