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Gallant Galway and Leitrim Boys – 1875

Galway Coat of Arms
Galway Coat of Arms

The Brisbane Courier 27th November, 1875 p5

Leitrim Coat of Arms Kanchelskis Wikimedia Commons
Leitrim Coat of Arms
Wikimedia Commons

On the evening of the landing of the immigrants by the Kapunda at Townsville, a grand scrimmage took place. Some unprincipled vagabonds broke into the single girls’ department about bedtime. The cries of the girls brought the gallant Galway and Leitrim boys to the rescue. They tackled the intruders and a regular fight was started. The police, who are far to few in number on an occasion of this kind, interfered. One got a black eye and another a torn jacket, and the result was that the depot was cleared and four delinquents marched to the lock-up. The most serious charge was against a man who bit off half the ear of one of the new chums. This cannibal is to be sentenced today.

The remainder got off rather easily.



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