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Old Quay and Muckinish West – 1894

New Zealand Tablet, Vol. XXI issue 23, 5th October, 1894 p 21

Photo: EO'D
Photo: EO’D

On Friday Major F. G. Cullman, Sub-Sheriff of Clare, carried out an eviction under the eviction clauses of the Land Act, on the estate of the Rev Hyacinth Skerrett,Old Quay, Burren. The tenant evicted was Bridget Fahy. Possession was handed over to Pat Gaynor, the landlord’s representative.

The proceedings were of the quietest character. A force of police was in attendance. An attempt was made to carry out an eviction in the same district on the estate of Lord Annally. The tenant was Denis Sweeny of Muckinish West against whom was an ejectment o the title for non-payment of rent. When the evicting party arrived at the house it transpired that a son of the tenants, also named Denis, was suffering from fever. A medical certificate was produced, signed by Dr E Heyns, Ballyvaughan Union, indicating that it would be dangerous to attempt the removal of the sick man. The Sheriff declined to proceed with the eviction.



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