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Kinvara – 1889

The Irish Standard, April, 13, 1889 p7.

On Friday the 15th ult., a large force of police, accompanied by Redington’s representative, Malone, and a brace of emergencyment, with a battering ram, invaded the town of Kinvara, for the purpose of carrying out evictions on the property of Major John Wilson Lynch, chairman of the Galway board of Guardians. On the arrival of Mr. Kendall, the agent, the evicting party proceeded to Caherireland, a village some miles distant. Having arrived at their destination, the sheriff’s baliff and agent entered the house of Thomas Cavanagh, and demanded possession. This they took by force, casting all that was inside the house out on the street. The evicting party next proceeded to the house of Pat Cavanagh and cleared it of its occupants and effects. The tenants in those cases farm some thirty acres of land, and were well to do until the depression in the time set in. Before the eviction the tenants offered one year’s rent to the agent. This he refused to accept. The tenants evicted are determined not to advance a single penny on their former offer.

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Duras Hazel Brigade – Duras boys, Hurrah! – 1910

Connacht Tribune, 7th May, 1910 p.5

Newtown House, Duras  Photo: A McCarron Wikimedia Commons
Newtown House, Duras
Photo: A McCarron Wikimedia Commons

(Air: “Ireland, Boys, Hurrah!”)

On through Kinvara town they came,
Those men so loyal and brave,
Each a trusty Irishman;
No traitor, coward or knave –
To drive the grazier’s cattle back
To Cloughalalard that day,
From good old Duras, brave old Duras,
Duras, boys, hurrah!

Duras, boys, hurrah! Duras, boys, hurrah!
Here’s to Duras! Brave old Duras!
Duras, boys, hurrah!

Like men of grit they bonded all
To join the cattle-drives;
For all there loved their homes as dear,
Or dearer than their lives.
They loved their country’s glory, too,
And the light of freedom’s day,
In fond old Duras! Brave old Duras!
Duras, boys, hurrah!


We’ve heard their praises oft before;
Yes, even from their foes.
We know that nought can check them now,
When once they’ve boldly rose.
Then grazier, grabber, tyrant all,
Make haste to clear away
From grand old Duras! Brave old Duras!
Duras, boys, hurrah!


A lovely sea-bound Duras,
And her land so fair and green,
Where peaceful hamlets one time rose
The graziers’ cows are seen.
Dismantled homes bear witness there
Of black eviction’s sway,
In brave old Duras! Lovely Duras!
Duras, boys, hurrah!


The West’s awake, the West’s awake,
Thank God that news is true,
From North to South, from East to West
And with a vengeance to.
Oh! with a vengeance in their hearts
For wrongs of many a day,
In brave old Duras! Wronged old Duras!
Duras, boys, hurrah!


Those men from Geeha, north and south,
Knockaculleen and Newtown,
From Traught, from Cluish and Cregboy,
All would their lives lay down,
To keep the children of their hearts
From sailing far away,
From dear old Duras, brave old Duras!
Duras, boys, hurrah!


Then here’s to Duras once again,
Here’s to her o’er and o’er.
May Heaven protect her in her need
And its gifts upon her pour.
Long may her gallant children live
In freedom’s glorious ray.
In brave old Duras! whipping Duras!
Duras, boys, hurray!


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Old Quay and Muckinish West – 1894

New Zealand Tablet, Vol. XXI issue 23, 5th October, 1894 p 21

Photo: EO'D
Photo: EO’D

On Friday Major F. G. Cullman, Sub-Sheriff of Clare, carried out an eviction under the eviction clauses of the Land Act, on the estate of the Rev Hyacinth Skerrett,Old Quay, Burren. The tenant evicted was Bridget Fahy. Possession was handed over to Pat Gaynor, the landlord’s representative.

The proceedings were of the quietest character. A force of police was in attendance. An attempt was made to carry out an eviction in the same district on the estate of Lord Annally. The tenant was Denis Sweeny of Muckinish West against whom was an ejectment o the title for non-payment of rent. When the evicting party arrived at the house it transpired that a son of the tenants, also named Denis, was suffering from fever. A medical certificate was produced, signed by Dr E Heyns, Ballyvaughan Union, indicating that it would be dangerous to attempt the removal of the sick man. The Sheriff declined to proceed with the eviction.

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Aughinish – 1898

Aughinish Tower Wikimedia org
Aughinish Tower
Wikimedia org

Kentucky Irish American 23rd July, 1898 p7

Major Wilson Lynch of Galway has been evicting his unfortunate tenants at Aughinish, on the south side of Galway Bay. He has dispossessed Michael Costello, his wife and many little delicate children. The wife had a doctor’s certificate testifying to the danger of removing her, but out she had to go. Costello has paid over and over again the fee simple purchase money of his dwelling.

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Kinvara Branch of the National League – 1889

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons
New Zealand Tablet, 26th July, 1889 P9

Irish News

Kinvara Branch of the National League held a meeting April 28th

Rev. John Moloney presided. Among those present are Dr. W.J. Nally, Messrs Holland, Burke, Spellman, Cavanagh, Tallman, Shaughnessy, Farrell and Corless. £5 was forwarded to the Central Branch. The following resolution was passed:

“That we hereby beg to tender to Thomas and Patrick Cavanagh our sincere sympathy on the harsh and cruel treatment they have received at the hands of their landlord, Major Lynch, and his agent, Kendall of Connemara, in being evicted.”