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A curious scene – Loughrea 1889

Newark Daily Advocate, Ohio

Land League poster 1880s Wikipedia
Land League poster 1880s

11th January, 1889 (abridged)

A curious and interesting scene was enacted over in Ireland yesterday.  Loughrea was the place where the spectacle occurred.  After the court adjourned a sitting in which a number of Clanricarde rental cases were under consideration, a hundred or more Nationalists headed by a band, paraded the streets.  They were led by a convert from the enemy’s side.  The convert was one of her Majesty’s policemen in full uniform.

During lulls in the music this enthusiastic proselyte would address the crowd, asserting that the police were heartily sick of the degrading work which they called upon to perform in Ireland.  He said that there were many, who, like himself, would be only too glad to abandon the whole business.

After finishing one of these addresses, he called for three cheers for Dillon and O’Brien, but this juncture was an unlucky one in his new career.  At that moment the head constable, with a body of police, swooped down upon the crowd capturing the rebellious constable and marched him off to the barracks under arrest.



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