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Bridget – 1900

New York Tribune 15th June, 1900 p9

c EO'D
c EO’D

Bridget Coughrey from Clifden County Galway landed here yesterday with only a shilling in her pocket and for a time she had the immigration officials puzzled.

She was so comely and so earnest in her endeavours to explain that there was universal sympathy for her. But she could not speak a word of English and Gaelic was not understood in the Barge Office. Finally one of the officials sent for Peter Groden. Peter relapsed into Gaelic the minute he saw Bridget. They talked it over and she told him she was the eldest of five children. Her family was struggling for a living at home in County Galway and she had come over here to earn money to send home to pay the rent of the farm, which amounts to $80 a year. Bridget said that she was on her way to see Patrick Coughrey her uncle who lives in Pittsburg. He would advance the money necessary for her transportation if he was informed of her predicament. Peter told the officials what she had said and they sent word to her uncle at once.



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