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Loughrea – 1905


Loughrea Lake Wikimedia Commons
Loughrea Lake
Wikimedia Commons

7th  August, 1909
A gentleman, a resident of Loughrea living in England, thus writes about the changes time has wrought there: – “There was a Pawn Office – a Mont de Piete – established in my day in a house once occupied by Mr Smyth, in Main Street. Behind was a three storey range of wool stores once used by him. The manager of the Pawn Office was Mr John Cowen, but the enterprise came to grief, and Dr Lynch went to live there, but later on it was converted into a police barrack. In those days I speak of, the population was about 8,000. It is not half now. I knew Monahan’s Hotel, built where the new Cathedral now is. It was called ‘The Head Inn’ and is mentioned in Lever’s Novels where many a pleasant evening was held. Loughrea was then the centre of the county society, and its hunt ball the great social event. One of the Monahans was Anthony, but the other, James, became a chief Justice. By the way, Charles Lever was Consul in Trieste, where he died and was succeeded by a great Irishman, Sir Richard Burton, whose grandfather was the Rev Edward Burton, Rector of Tuam. His grave is in Mortlake Cemetery



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