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How to catch and how to cure a cold – 1824


'Pneumonia strikes like a man eating shark" by WPA Artist:  "G S Jr"  Wikimedia Commons
‘Pneumonia strikes like a man eating shark” by WPA Artist: “G S Jr”
Wikimedia Commons

20th September, 1824

At this time of the year colds are easily caught, and difficult to cure.  The following will be found effectual: –

After a quick walk in the evening, sit in the draft to cool; the consequence will be a severe cold, attended with cough; the next day hoarseness, short breath, and much expectoration; in the evening, at seven, go to a well-frequented tavern, and drink three or four glasses of strong punch, or stiff rum and water; stay till eleven, walk home cosey, and go to bed; you need not get up the next day, but send for the apothecary, the following day for the physician, and the third day your friends will send for the undertaker. You will never feel the effects of an autumnal cold afterwards.