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Dr Barry – 1826

The Australian 30th August, 1826 p2 (abridged)

Fire cupping in Haikou  Photo;  Anna Frodesiak  Wikimedia Commons
Fire cupping in Haikou
Photo; Anna Frodesiak
Wikimedia Commons

The Newspapers notice a discovery made by an Irish Physician in Paris, Dr. Barry. His doctrine is that the reflux of blood to the heart is occasioned by the pressure of the atmosphere. Consequently the cupping-glass is the remedy to be applied to a bite by a rapid or poisonous animal. The doctor tried a great many experiments with success and latterly with a viper provided for him by the French government with great difficulty. Cavillers impeach the originality of this momentous discovery by saying that the system of sucking poisonous wounds practised of old was a remedy on the same principle. In the common and unavoidable event of hydrophobia, this is a discovery of the greatest utility and importance. Dr Barry held a high surgical rank in the Portuguese service, and was lately honoured by the sovereign of that kingdom with the order of the Tower and Sword.



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