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Variations on a theme – Colcannon

The Citizen 27th February, 1919 p6

Colcannon recipe on bag of potatoes Photo: Sarah777  Wikimedia Commons
Colcannon recipe on bag of potatoes
Photo: Sarah777
Wikimedia Commons

Six cups of boiled cabbage, three cups mashed potatoes, three heaped tablespoons butter, one cup of milk, seasonings.
Mix cabbage, potatoes, butter, milk and seasonings. Place in buttered baking dish. Dot with more butter and bake 40 minutes in hot oven. Serve with meat.

The Salt Lake Herald 14th June, 1903
Irish Colcannon
Peel and cut a large parsnip into small pieces, cook for fifteen minutes in boiling water; then add peeled potatoes and an onion. When the vegetables are very tender drain the mash, adding milk or cream until you have a smooth mess. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

The News and Herald 13th January, 1883 p4
Wash a head of white cabbage and put it over the fire to boil in plenty of salted boiling water Peel twelve large potatoes and put them to boil with the cabbage. When the cabbage and potatoes are done, drain of the water in which they were cooked, add to them four tablespoonfuls of butter, a cupful of good milk, or cream if it is plentiful, a level teaspoonful of pepper; chop all these ingredients together; then heat them and server the colcannon hot as a vegetable dish.
Philadelphia Colcannon



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