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Gort Lace – 1903

The Intermountain Catholic 28th February, 1903 p6 (abridged)

Irish crochet Creative Commons  .
Irish crochet
Creative Commons

The industrial school of the Convent of Mercy, Gort, County Galway, Ireland will supply anything in lace.

It is gratifying to me to read from time to time extracts from subscriptions and business letters that come to this office, thanking for suggestions offered in this department. One just to hand is profuse in thanks for receiving laces ordered from Ireland, taken from the advertisement in our columns.

One reader asks: “Why do we not see this beautiful lace in our big stores?”

The answer is easy; Because you do not inquire for it, or, when you do, you exercise no judgment and permit yourself to be persuaded into purchasing an inferior article. Make it a point in shopping to ask for what you want, and do your own thinking as to whether or not you will purchase.

If you are a judge of lace then you know that some of the most exquisite laces in the world are made in Ireland, and you can even have a design worked out for you if you desire. The Irish laces were awarded prizes for designs and prizes for workmanship at the World’s fair at Chicago, which exposition was the greatest ever held in this country.
Edith Rayner in New York Freeman’s Journal



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