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The Rival – Galway – 1833

The Sydney Herald 22nd April 1833

"Anônimo - D. Pedro, Duque de Bragança" by Anon After John Simpson (1782-1847) - Wikimedia Commons -
“Anônimo – D. Pedro, Duque de Bragança” by Anon After John Simpson (1782-1847) – Wikimedia Commons –

We regret to state that by accounts received at Lloyd’s today, the Rival of London, Capt. Wallis from the Clyde to Oporto, carrying troops for the service of Dom Pedro, was totally wrecked near Galway previous to the 4th of December. It is supposed the number on board, with the crew, were about 400 and all drowned. It is much regretted that for the cause of humanity as well as the peace of Europe, some attempts are not made to put an end to the unnatural contest between the notable brothers of the house of Braganza.



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