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Corofin – 1826

The Monitor (Sydney) 17th November, 1826(abridged)

O'Dea castle near Corofin.
O’Dea castle near Corofin.

Our readers are aware that a Public School has been for a time kept under the patronage of Mr. Synge, of Dysart near the market town of Corofin. It is no less notorious that the School has met with considerable opposition from Mr. Murphy, the Priest of the Parish.

On Thursday night last, a party of diabolical miscreants assembled convenient to the place, and after firing several shots, and calling to the persons who resided in an adjoining house, not to stir out on pain of losing their lives, set fire to the school house.

Satisfied that their demoniac work of darkness was accomplished, they called to the persons in the house to come out and save themselves and their property as well as they could, as the flames were communicating to their dwelling. They then decamped.. We abstain from any further remarks on this subject, until we hear more about it.-Ennis Chronicle.



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