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Mr Hearst’s Collection – 1939

William Randolph Hearst 1906 wikimedia commons
William Randolph Hearst
wikimedia commons

Advocate 5th January, 1939


LONDON, November 30.

The magnificent collection of silver owned by Mr. William Randolph Hearst, the American newspaper proprietor, and housed at St. Donat’s Castle, will be sold at Christie’s next month. The collection includes the Great Mace and Civic Sword of the City of Galway, which joined Mr. Hearst’s possessions in 1935 at a cost of £5000.

Tho mace, weighing 230 oz., was presented in 1712 to Galway by the Mayor, Edward Eyre. The double-handed sword, with silver pommel, grip, and quillons ornamented with cabochons, had a sheath mounted with silver plates inscribed with the names of Galway Mayors from 1660 to 1841.

NOTE – The sword and mace were later gifted by the Hearst Corporation to the citizens of Galway.



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