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Kinvara – 1920

<Kinvara, County Galwaystrong>The Richmond River Herald and Northern Districts Advertiser 13th July, 1920 p4


On Sunday- morning, at. 2 o’clock, the house of John Killeen, a laborer, living near Kinvara, was fired into. One bullet lodged in Killeen’s chest, and tho other fell beside him in tho bed. Dr. Connolly immediately was on the scene and had him removed to the County Infirmary, whore the bullet was extracted. Killeen is a laborer employed by Mr Fergus O’Dea, Kinvara, who held some land at Seamount from Mrs Nally, Kinvara, for the division of whose property a strong agitation has sprung up among the surrounding tenants. Mr. O’Dea surrendered part of his land, and Killeen and others took up an acre or so each. On Monday Killeen walled in his portion.



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