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Galway Girls – fashion – 1823

Millinery Shop Paris, 1822 John James Chalon (1778-1854) Wikipedia
Millinery Shop Paris, 1822
John James Chalon (1778-1854)
Connaught Journal

Thursday, April 10, 1823
Morning Visiting Dress
Pelisse robe of mignionette, leaf green, of Gros de Naples, trimmed down
each side in front, and round the border with puffings of same, confined by
straps of satin; the bust ornamented by satin Brandenburgs, each terminated
by a silk tassel. Frill a la Henriette, of Urling’s lace. Small equestrian
hat of fine beaver or satin, of a lavender gray, placed very backward and
crowned with a plume of curled feathers of the same colour.–Sautoir of pale
silk. Green satin half boots, and Limerick gloves.

Connaught Journal 3rd March – Fashionable Millinery
Begs to announce to her Friends and the Public her having received, from the
first Houses in Dublin, a select and fashionable assortment of Millinery;
Laces, of a superior quality; and a variety of Satins and Lutestrings, of
different shades for Bonnets, for which she has received the Newest
The above Articles having been purchased for Ready Money, they will be
disposed of on the most moderate terms, at her Shop, next door to the
American Society-room, Shop-street.
Bonnets made in the most fashionable manner, and on the shortest notice.



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