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Guaranteed Irish – Tobacco – Part II – 1904

From Chute's pamphlet "Tabaco" 1595 Parker Burnette Wikimedia Commons
From Chute’s pamphlet “Tabaco” 1595
Parker Burnette
Wikimedia Commons

On this interesting subject a correspondent writes:
“A visit to The Farm, Kilmainham, Kells, County Meath, would satisfactorily show that there can bee little doubt as to the possibility or indeed, ultimate success of tobacco culture in Ireland. The plants are very fine and well grown, all seeming in robust health. The variet grown is Yellow Prior, an earlier and dwarfer variety than Virginian, hitherto planted.
The plants were raised under cover and planted out three feet apart. They promise to require all the space given and should indeed produce well. No pains seem to have been spared in their culture and the gratitude of all Irishmen is due to Colonel Everard for the practical philanthropy with which he has taken up and worked out to such a successful issue this important industry, which if carefully nurtured and upheld, will soon be the means of giving healthy employment to thousands of our rural population. Already numbers of women and children are being employed. It but remains for Irish tobacco manufacturers to prove themselves equal to the occasion and with the usual skill of the craft to second the efforts of Colonel Everard and the department of agriculture by producing a good sound Irish-grown tobacco”. Drogheda Independent.



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