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The Olympic and…Titanic – 1909

The "Olympic" - 1911 Wikimedia commons
The “Olympic” – 1911
Wikimedia commons



The limit in big ships is being reached here in the building of two great giants of the sea.

They are to be called the “Olympic” and the “Titanic”.  When they go splashing through the ocean from New York to England and France, old Neptune himself, rules of salt water, will have to duck his head in fright.

These monsters will be 860 feet long, nearly 100 feet wide, and are so large that the harbors will have to be enlarged if they are sailed anywhere but in the biggest ports.

They will be four times as heavy as Uncle Sam’s biggest war vessels.  An average city wouldn’t begin to hold the people that will be on board each ship.  They’ll only have one mast apiece, and if a person wants to get a good view of them he would have to stand a mile away, like one looking at a mountain.

The Irish boat builders had to make a new shipyard for the work.  Millions of dollars will be spend in the building, and the people who go to Europe every year will pay millions more to ride in them.



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