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Curious Exports – 1836

Photo: Adrian Pingstone  Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Adrian Pingstone
Wikimedia Commons

(The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser 12th April 1836 p2


In the course of the summer, almost incredible quantities of brooms, made of heath, have been shipped from this port, chiefly tor Glasgow;  and considerable gain must have been acquired by the persons engaged in that humble trade. How the brooms have been supplied with shafts is a great mystery to many.

At present there is a large brig in the harbour, which is to be freighted with asses for the Cañadas, and 70 of the freight have been already secured. Imagine two or more hundred asses at sea, in the hold of a vessel, braying at the tops of their voices during a stiff gale!

Today six foxes, under cover, take their departure in a steamer for a gentleman’s seat in Scotland. No fewer than three score of these interesting animals were sent last spring to the same place, where, having been put into a kennel with young dogs, they caught the mange and died, strange as it may seem, from want of a supply of brimstone!

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