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Snail Cures – 1867

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In Ireland some have great faith in the efficacy of snails as a cure for persons in decline, or consumption, but they do not in all places use them in the same way. A lady in Tipperary, who has as large a practice as the regular doctor, tells me that the way to administer snails is to “boil them in veal broth.” She herself knew a lady, who was taking cod liver oil with no result, grew strong with this remedy.

A daughter of a clergyman in Galway writes;
“The snails used for the broth, as you designate my very fine syrup, are the common large things that creep about the garden with their houses on their back. They are collected and placed on a large dish, and plentifully sprinkled with dark sugar, then another dish is turned over to prevent them running away, and the next morning the syrup which has been made in the night is to be drained off, and a tablespoon taken three times a day. A little lemon peel may be added to flavour the broth. The same snails should not be sugared twice. It is a really good thing, but of course will not cure in a day; but I know a lady who attributed her own cure to it.



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