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Outrage at New Quay – 1844

Galway Hookers
Galway Hookers

On Tuesday, the 25th ult, while Mr J. H. Hynes, of New Quay, and the Rev Mr Fullam, Protestant clergyman, were out traul fishing, with a crew of three men, in the Bay of Galway, a fleet consisting of 80 to 100 boats from the Galway Claddagh, bore down on them, and nine or ten of the boats having surrounded the fishing boat, 50 0r 60 of the Claddagh fishermen suddenly boarded her, and, after cutting away the traul, rushed on Mr Hynes and his party with the most awful imprecations and savage yells, armed with open knives, poles etc., knocked them down, beat them most unmercifully, leaving them apparently lifeless on the deck.

Then then cut down the sails, which along with the anchor, cables, ropes, poles and oars, they threw overboard. Finally they tore up the deck, and with the stones that formed the ballast, made many fruitless attempts to scuttle the boat, after which they departed, leaving her a complete wreck to drift along the sea.

Fortunately she was rescued from her perilous situation by a New Quay boat, and towed into harbour. An investigation was held on Monday, at Correnrue, concerning this most daring outrage, before Messers Bell and Kernan, stipendiary magistrates, and G. Macnamara, Esq., J.P. Harbour – Hill. Although the lives of two of the crew and that of Mr Hynes were considered in imminent danger for four or five days, they are now supposed to be convalescent.
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