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Burned by the potato blight – 1850

potato blight wikimedia commons
potato blight
wikimedia commons

The Athens post – September 27, 1850 p3



As every fact connected with the mysterious disease which steals away the food is of importance, we give the following singular statement which appears in the Galway Vindicator:

A woman named M— M——- ages thirty three, was brought a few days ago on a car to the work-house gate.  She appeared to be suffering from acute pain; her hands and face presented the appearance of having been severely burned, as if they had been held over the flame of a strong fire.

In reply to the questions put to her, she made the following statement;

She was employed by a man to weed potatoes, and was at work on Friday, the 18th ultimo, in her perfect health, when a sudden blast of burning air came over her, and she was thrown back.  She felt as if a quantity of pungent snuff had entered her nostrils.  She also stated that the stalks of potatoes where she was at work were burned to a cinder, and the tubers made soft and black.  It is thought the parts of the poor woman’s body which were affected will mortify.

Belfast Whig



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