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A Thrilling Dive – July 1919

The Evening Telegraph, Tuesday 29th July 1919 p.4
Airmen’s somersault into Galway Bay.(abridged)
The striking spectacle of an airman diving into the sea from a falling aeroplane, a second officer scrambling from beneath the immersed machine, and both swimming to the shore, was witnessed at Galway Bay. The machine, piloted by Captain Bowen, R.A.F., accompanied by Lieutenant Alcock, R.A.F., was seen flying at a great height over the city. Gradually it descended, when it soon became apparent to the spectators that it was in trouble. The aeroplane eventually got well over the water, where the engine stopped. The machine then turned a somersault in mid air and fell into the water. The observer jumped clear, but the pilot was unable to extricate himself in time, and was carried underneath by the falling aeroplane. With difficulty he managed to scramble out and joined his partner in a twenty-five yards’ swim to the shore, which they reached in safety before a boat dispatched from the naval base immediately the mishap was observed could arrive on the scene. In the evening a motor-launch from the base towed the derelict aeroplane into dock.



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