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A warmer cell – 1888

Alabama Enquirer And Morgan County News
Date: January 26 1888 p2

Wilfred Blunt has been moved to a warmer cell in the Galway prison, and his overcoat has been returned to him. A band tried to serenade him, but was prevented by the police. Mr. Blunt says that while staying at a country hotel in the south of England last September, he met Mr. Balfour, who made the statement that he intended to imprison six of the physically weakest of the Parnellites, adding: “I shall be sorry for Mr. Dillion, as he has some good about him. He will have six months, and as he had bad health he will die in prison.” In response to an inquiry, Mr. Balfour said: “The history is a ridiculous lie. I do not believe that Mr. Blunt ever made the assertion attributed to him.”



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