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The Stone in Clare

Collected by Peggy Moran, Ballinderreen N.S. from Mrs Mannin (aged 67) 1938
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0033B, Page 04_031
National Folklore Collection, UCD.

There was once a stone in Clare, and every night, there used be a candle lighting on it. If anybody saw that candle lighting after sunset they would be dead next morning. It happened when St Patrick came to Ireland that he heard of the stone. One night He went and took lodging at the house nearst the stone. When he saw the man of the house locking the doors and bolting the windows he asked him what was the idea of doing that. Then he told St Patrick about the stone. The Saint said open thye windows and doors and come with me, to see the stone.
The man was afraid, because if he looked at the candle he would be dead next evening
St Patrick said not to fear while he was with him. Then the Saint put on his Stole and said prayers near the stone. He struck it with his Stole and broke it in two halves. A black bird flew out. He struck the blackbird with the Stole and it fell dead. It fell into the water which was near the stone. Saint Patrick turned it into wine because it was turned into blood at first when the bird fell into it. The man said if he left the water in wine people would be coming from all parts of Ireland and get drunk. At that moment it was changed into water. Ever since it is called Lough Ruadh or the Red Lake.



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