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Long ago a man from Garryland, Kilmacduagh, Co. Galway went to Scotland.

Garryland woods
Photo: EO’D

Before he went he cut a stick in Garryland wood brought it with him. One day as he roaming about a big wood in Scotland he saw a little bothán and he went into it. Sitting at the fire he saw an old man smoking an old clay pipe. When he saw him he said I know where you got that stick, you cut it in Garryland wood and how I know is that my two sons are there minding a pot of gold that is hiden (sic) at the cathair and here is the key of the door and while the people are gone to Mass go to the cathair and you will find the door and you can open it with this key. There my sons are and they are tied to the pot of gold with chains and they are in the shape of two hounds. When they will see you they will jump with joy but do not get afraid. The man went home and found the door and went in. There were the hounds and when they saw him they began jumping about him and he got frightned and ran out without the key. He came back again but could not find the key and the gold is said to be there yet.

Collected by John Burke from his grandfather, Peter Burke, Cahermore.
From The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0036, Page 0257
National Folklore Collection, UCD.



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