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St. Coman – 1912

Tuam Herald 26th October, 1912, p4 (abridged).
Another branch of the Magraths had some possessions in the vicinity of Kinvara, in the district of Hy-Fiachra-Aidhne, County of Galway, but a few only of their descendants are to be met with in that county at the present day. Of this branch the church of Kinvara was the burial place, and until late years this sacred edifice, the foundation of St. Coman, of whom mention is made in the ancient tale known as the Imramh, or Expedition of the sons of Ua Corra, was exclusively the place of interment of the Magrather O’Hynes. The possessions of the Hy-Fiachrain Magraths lay around the Bally magrath, near Ardrahan; but the proprietors thereof, having taken an active part in the disturbances of 1641-9, the lands of Balymagrath and Kilteenan were granted by Cromwell to the family of Taylour, or Taylor.



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