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Loughrea – 1784


Photo: EO’D

At a meeting of the Gentlemen, Clergy and other inhabitants of the county of Galway, at Loughrea, on Tuesday the 25th of May, 1784 pursuant to public notice
Colonel PERSSE in the chair, the following resolutions were unanimously agreed to;
1. that to the abundant and constant importation of British draperies, and other fabrics, are principally owing the calamities of our woolen and other manufacturers, and the ? of credit and distress of the far greater part of the landed interest of this kingdom.
2. that to alleviate as much as in us lies, the mischiefs attendant on the use of such British fabrics, we hereby pledge ourselves to our country and to each other that we will not, from this day, directly or indirectly, either by ourselves or others, import, purchase, wear, consume or in any manner use the woollen or other fabrics or manufactured goods of Great Britain, neither shall we permit the same to be bought, used or worn by our families, servants or others over whom we have any influence, until the Protecting Duties in this kingdom, in favour of its manufacturers, be equal to those now in England in similar cases.

If anyone breaches the agreement  we shall in such case not only break off all manner of dealing and connection with such person or persons, but we shall publish his/her or their names as base and treacherous enemies to their country.

If at any time hereafter the journeymen or other working manufacturers of this kingdom should enter into unlawful agreements or combinations to raise their usual wages or that the clothiers, manufacturers or other dealers should raise the prices of their manufacture of goods beyond their usual and just value, we shall in all such cases look upon ourselves as disengaged from, and no longer bound by this agreement.


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