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Kinvara and Ardrahan- 1949

Connacht Tribune 10th December, 1949 p7 (abridged)

Photo: EO’D

South Galway, which has already succeeded in having most of its parishes entirely or almost entirely electrified, is now moving steadily towards the completion of the scheme.
Kinvara Guild, Muintir na Tire, has already completed the preliminary spade work necessary for the launching of the scheme. The area hoped to be electrified comprises the entire parish of Kinvara, plus the northern part of Ardrahan parish not included in the primal electrification done in the district. In order to arouse interest the Parish Council of the Guild secured the services of Messrs. Treston and Carlin of the E.S.B. who showed films in Kinvara illustrating the many advantages of electricity. Mr. D. Treston, a member of the well-known Gort family, gave an excellent commentary on the films and explained the scheme of rural electrification. The members are conducting a house to house canvass prior to the official house to house visits of the officials of the E.S.B



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