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Missing Friends – 1873/4

The Pilot 19th April, 1873 p5

Photo: EO'D
Photo: EO’D

Michael Bohanan, a native of Gelha (Geeha?), Kinvara, County Galway, who came to this country 21 years ago; he served some time in the late American War; when last heard from he was in St. Louis, Mo, Information concerning him will be received by his brother Stephen Bohanan, Geneva, Ontario County, N.Y.

24th April, 1874
Michael Kelly, a native of the parish of Kinvara, County Galway; father’s name Patrick Kelly and mother’s name Eilen Cavanagh, who sailed from Londonderry seven years ago last March; he worked in the State of New York; he left there and went to Chester county, Pa., and worked there until January 1981 when he went to Philadelphia and enlisted in the navy. Information of him will be received by his brothers, James and Peter Cavanagh, Address James Cavanagh, Millstone Point, Waterbury, Connecticut