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Gort – 1913

Connacht Tribune, 4th January, 1913  p.4 (abridged)

Photo: EO'D
Photo: EO’D

On Friday last week upwards of eighty tenants of the Gough estate held a meeting at Mr. Lally’s hotel, the Square, Gort. Dr. Comyn, solr.,  addressing the tenants said;
Our purpose in assembling here today is to arrive at some conclusion by which we may be enabled to complete the purchase of the Gough estate. Six years ago we believed the only obstacle that stood in our way was the game rights; we sent a deputation to meet the representatives of Lord Gough to Dublin and the question of the game rights was satisfactorily settled. We then left the completion of the purchase to the Commissioners. They sent Mr. Bailey down to inspect the land, which he did, and if they produce his report, it will be found that there is no question of Ashfield not being included in the sale. Now, after six years anxiously waiting, the requirement of Ashfield for disposal pops up. Therefore, our business is with the Commissioners, not with Lord Gough. We have kept our part of the bargain; they have not. The estate as it is now offered, would only provide about two acres for each tenant. Hence, my object in coming here today is to get the full consent of the tenants to meet Lord Gough with a view to acquiring the lands of Ashfield for inclusion with estate.

Very Rev. Father Nestor, Shanaglish, Gort, called upon the tenants to answer affirmatively by saying in a loud voice “Yes”, or negatively “No”. On a general accordance being given, the meeting terminated.



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